Packing is...

Packing can be a bitch, ammirite? I sometimes overpack and sometimes underpack (who knew that was a thing?) As my countdown really begins for my trip tomorrow, I thought I would share what I am taking on my trip and how I am packing it.

I by no means think I am an expert but I have traveled a bit in my life and this trip I really wanted to keep things simple and practical. I am planning on being gone for about 2 months and will be starting my adventures in Morocco for about 3.5 weeks. After that I am traveling to Tunisia and then on to Portugal. The weather is going to be fairly mild however I will be going into the Sahara which can be warm/hot during the day but pretty chilly at night. I will also end up in the Atlas mountains for a night or two in Morocco so I opted to bring a sleeping bag with me. 

All of those things absolutely had to fit into my Osprey backpack. I also didn't want to go full rugged because lets be real here I tried that when I went to India and ended up spending like $200 on makeup and clothes simply because they are creature comforts and everyone has their own things they need to feel comfortable.


What I did, opt to do however, is stick to some neutral colors and add a pop of color here and there. So I have 4 pairs of pants, all different - black, dark jeans, lighter jeans and a olive pair of pants. I took one dress because after adventuring for a while I am gonna want to dress up, throw on some makeup and feel good about myself. I took 4 pairs of shoes although you only see 3 in the photo. I am wearing my black puma runners on the plane. I got them at costco and they are amazing and so comfortable and they don't look ridiculous either. I am also taking my grey chucks, 1 pair of coral ballet flats and black strappy sandals. I also have my bathing suit, some thermals that I can wear for PJs as well, a reversible belt, a couple of scarves and undershirts, socks, underwear and a couple bras. I also have 2 jacket type things - a yellow cardigan and a blue jean button down top that is pretty versatile as well. Of course I have plenty of short sleeved and long sleeved shirts in there but you can see that they are mostly black, white, grey or blue colors. This means I can mix and match almost everything I have to make entirely new looking outfits. Layers is key!

You can see I have my toiletries and feminine products and medications and supplements there as well. What I take in that regard would require an entirely new post so if you are curious as to what I use or take or how I pack that just send me a message and I am happy to share.


Now this is allllllll of my equipment and gear and tools and hard drives and cords and backup hard drives and backup cords I am going to need for the trip as well. Backup pair of glasses cause I am blind as hell. Batteries, chargers, powerbank, converters, card readers, back up card readers, memory cards galore, cameras, lenses, a travel pillow and there is a waterproof satchel for my phone AND a waterproof bag over on the right there. I place my hard drives and memory cards in there when traveling. 

AND ULTIMATELY... After putting everything together, crying a bit, sweating a bit....

There is my life for the next 2 months! 


Now I am ready, haha, hopefully I can make it without buying too much unnecessary stuff along the way.